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Server Status - 10.14.2016

Discussion in 'Forum | Server | Site News' started by MassiveChoons, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. MassiveChoons

    MassiveChoons Smooth Kriminal Staff Member Server Owner

    Hello BlockMania players.

    ---> The "Title Screen" exploit that let you respawn where you died is now fixed thanks to @CoderTim! <---

    I thought I'd write a summary post of everything that's been updated since my last post and what we'll be working on next.
    It's been quite a while since my last post, so, here we go:

    1, Added a chat filter and updated the rules page to include stuff involving said filter.

    2, Added anti-combat-log plugin.

    3, Added work-in-progress anti-cheat plugin that we'll be improving as we go.

    4, Fixed "Title Screen" respawn exploit.

    5, Added many new staff, promoted old staff, and removed some old staff.

    6, Added /report plugin. I'll be posting an info guide about it on here soon. (How to use it, rules, etc.)

    7, Updated rules to prepare for a larger, broader audience when the server gets closer to being complete enough to advertise on our website ( These rules are still in progress but they're much more complete than they were since the last post.


    So, since we've made lots of progress with the essential stuff, here's what we hope to work on and finish in the near future:

    1, Better, more complete anti-cheat.

    2, More progress and previews of our large kitpvp project we've been working on for a long time.

    3, Finish new mod application system and add new wave of staff now that the need is slowly increasing.

    4, Find new connections to help us with various projects beyond just moderation, including: graphics, videos, builds, etc.

    5, Forum improvements including cleaned up aesthetics, better permission system, more categories, more cosmetic rewards and eventually, more promotion. Along with our server network we've also kicked around the idea of promoting the forums themselves as a new Minecraft fan community that we may promote on NameMC one day if it becomes practical.
    (Interested in forum stuff? Have experience? Contact to inquire about helping out!)

    6, And last but not least, Halloween server events!!!

    We've got some special events planned for the upcoming holiday. Stay tuned for an announcement about it here and possibly a preview video or at least a screenshot gallery when it goes live on the server!

    Thanks for reading.
    I will update this page with useful links about all of the aforementioned updates as they come together.
    ~ Choons.
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  2. cuddle

    cuddle New Member

    Helped you test a lil tiny bit of it c; (not much but whatever lol). The new /report feature is very useful along with the other updates, I likey. ♡
  3. R85

    R85 New Member

    why add new staff if they are useless ?

    manufacture a good anti-cheat.
  4. MassiveChoons

    MassiveChoons Smooth Kriminal Staff Member Server Owner

    well for one, think about what you just said.

    if they're useless, the solution would be to add new staff..

    but no, just because they don't patrol the hub 24/7 doesn't mean they're useless. we're almost always busy working on more important things. the hub server is mainly for people to do /namemc, it's not meant to be a serious kit server. we just put kits on there so the people hanging out had something to do.

    making a custom anti-cheat isn't something you can just magically do one day

    also, these forums are old and will be shutting down, we'll be moving to
  5. R85

    R85 New Member

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