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For those who don't know, we recently started a new forum/community site for NameMC and we'll be moving our BlockMania discussions there.

You can visit it at To sign up, simply make a NameMC account and confirm at least one Minecraft account, then go to the community site and you'll be automatically logged in.

See ya there!
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Hello BlockMania players.

---> The "Title Screen" exploit that let you respawn where you died is now fixed thanks to @CoderTim! <---

I thought I'd write a summary post of everything that's been updated since my last post and what we'll be working on next.
It's been quite a while since my last post, so, here we go:

1, Added a chat filter and updated the rules page to include stuff involving said filter.

2, Added anti-combat-log plugin.

3, Added work-in-progress anti-cheat plugin that we'll be improving as we go.

4, Fixed "Title Screen" respawn exploit.

5, Added many new staff, promoted old staff, and removed some old staff.

6, Added /report plugin. I'll be posting an info guide about it on here soon. (How to use it, rules, etc.)

7, Updated rules to prepare for a larger, broader audience when the server gets closer to being complete enough to advertise on our website ( These rules are still in progress but they're...
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Hey guys, haven't posted any news in a while. Thought I would just give you an update on what's going on.

1, Hub Events:

So as any player knows the Event/Kitpvp stuff on the Hub is going strong and lots of people are having fun with that. We will continue to add new kits, pvp areas and more unique events as we go.

We're still working hard to get our other gamemodes out with our limited resources, but we're getting there!

One of the coolest things you can expect to see soon as an awesome adventure-map-style maze/puzzle thing created by one of our staff @Sasuke - His awesome map will soon be added to the hub and will have a warp to it and various item prizes at the end of it that you can use in the kitpvp area.

2, Staff Applications:

I have a new, much better staff application in the works. I keep getting sidetracked by other stuff but I promise it will be done in the near future and the old applications will be caught up soon.

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Parkour races, Kit fights, and more are going to be hosted on the Hub very soon!

Read more >>>

Hey everyone, got some sweet news for ya.

Some of you old school players might remember my "event server" from McPVP back in the day, it was on (RIP in pieces.) but for those of you who don't, it was a server specifically designed to give admins/staff special commands for running events and games like kit fights, races, obstacle courses, mazes, all kinds of cool stuff.
Well when McPVP dissolved, I got the code to that old plugin and just recently Tim combined it with BlockMania's Hub plugin which means that now we can run events occasionally right on the hub!

Very soon you're going to see automated parkour courses with checkpoints and teleporters, admins/mods running 1v1 kit tournaments, horse races, and many more simple games right in the lobby.

These are all in addition to the several real gamemodes that will be coming out for the...
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Welcome to the new BlockMania forums. We're still setting everything up but this will soon be the home of the BlockMania news and forum community. (And some NameMC stuff!)

To create an account on the forums, sign into Minecraft and head to the (1.8) server and type /register. It will tell you what to do from there.

(If /register isn't working try again soon, we may have to fix a few things, I'll keep this post updated with news about that.)

EDIT: The /register command should be working now on! - And don't worry, your passwords are totally secured. They're scrambled (hashed) in our database and they're even hidden from the console so even the server owners couldn't see it if they wanted to.

Sidenote: We're working on a better way to handle registration so you don't have to use a password in-game at all but for now it's incredibly secure. Just make sure you spell it right!