Server News 8.10.2016

Hey everyone.

I know progress has been slow but we are still pluggin' away at the server trying to get things set up.

I've tried to reserve the front page blog posts for the most important information so I don't post here very often. For less important and more frequent news check out the forum news page at
(If you would like to register for the forums, hop on the (1.8, 1.9 and 1.10) server and type /register to create an account. You may also type /info to learn about our security measures to protect your private information for those who are curious.)

I will have more important updates to post here very soon but I just wanted to let everyone know about the forum news page, where I will be posting much more often as I update the server, the forums, and our gamemodes!

Thanks for sticking around.

~ Choons

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