BlockMania Status Report! - 6.11.2016

Hello Friends!

Sorry we haven't posted an update in a while. We've been super busy working on the server and on our website

I wanted to post this to give you guys a status update on where we're at:

NameMC accounts!: As some of you already know, about three weeks ago CoderTim re-introduced NameMC website accounts that come with many features including the ability to link your Minecraft account to your NameMC account!

If you haven't linked your account yet, check out the NameMC account page. to learn how.

Once you verify your Minecraft IGN you'll get access to some very cool features including the ability to remove skins from your skin history page on your NameMC profile, and tons more stuff coming soon like account to account messages, name availability alerts, and lots more!

BlockMania Status!: we have the Party Games server up and running (just hop on (currently on 1.8) and type /mini) and we've got several more beta gamemodes coming out as soon as the maps are finished.

Check back soon for info about our Kitpvp, Practice, Bow PvP, Minez-esque and Parkour servers!

Contact us:

  • Interested in helping out?
  • Want more information about the server?
  • Have a bug to report?

Email me any time at

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